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Technology lending is a private credit strategy within direct lending, focused on originating loans to middle and upper-market software and technology companies.

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Access a rapidly growing, largely non-public market

With 99% of U.S. technology companies not being publicly traded1,2 and software spending forecasted to hit double-digital growth in 20243, technology lending presents a bespoke access point to a rapidly growing corner of the private markets ecosystem.

Understanding technology lending

Learn more about a different way to access private technology and software companies through the direct lending asset class.

Technology defined

Technology can broadly be broken out into four categories: IT Services, Hardware Devices, Semiconductors, and lastly, Software -- one of Blue Owl’s highest conviction areas for investment.

Blue Owl: a proven technology investor

Our dedicated technology-focused investment team, sitting in both Silicon Valley and New York, makes us a consequential player with the technology lending space.

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What sets our technology lending strategy apart?

We allocate to both traditional financing and growth capital that seeks to deliver attractive monthly income and upside potential.

  • Growth capital is made up of preferred and common equity, convertible notes, warrants, and unsecured debt.

  • Traditional financing is made up of first and second lien senior secured loans made to established private software companies, diversified by end market and low loan-to-values (LTVs).


Charts are for illustrative purposes only and are no representative of any investment's performance.

Our software approach

Growth capital


Traditional Financing


Purpose-built software lending

In a marketplace marked by volatility, correlation, and rising rates, direct lending to software companies seeks to mitigate market risk as the investments are diversified by the range of end markets. Furthermore, these software companies often have high renewal rates that can potentially offer stable, recurring revenues.

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Proven track record

We manage $20+ billion in technology finance assets and focus on capital preservation by conservatively structuring senior secured loans with low LTV.

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Large, market leading companies

Mission-critical software as a service (SaaS) businesses with blue-chip customer base with the potential for high-quality, predictable revenue profiles.

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End market diversification

We focus on software companies in non-cyclical sectors with wide-ranging products and end markets, and uncorrelated business drivers.

Our solution

Through a Business Development Company (BDC), we offer one technology-related solution, OTIC, that provide investors access points to our Credit platform.

Blue Owl Technology Income Corp (OTIC)

OTIC is a perpetually non-traded business development company that originates loans to, and makes debt investments in, US middle-market software and technology-related companies.

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  1. Public Technology Companies represented by Russell 3000 list of IT holdings.
  2. Technology Total Market Source: CompTIA Cyberstates 2022 report as of March 2022.
  3. Gartner, Newsroom: Worldwide IT & Software Spending; pulled from press releases.

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